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ZELLTECH Insulation is a leading brand in the field of Reflective Aluminium Foil Radiant Heat Barriers for Roof Insulation and Vapour Barriers for Air Conditioning Duct INSULATION.

On a sunny summer day, solar energy is absorbed by the roof, heating the roof sheathing and causing the underside of the sheathing and the roof framing to radiate heat downward toward the attic floor. When a Radiant heat barrier is placed on attic floor, much of the heat radiated from the host roof is reflected back toward the roof. This makes the top surface of the insulation cooler that it would have been without a Radiant heat barrier and thus reduces the amount of heat that moves through the insulation into the rooms below the ceiling.

Under the same conditions, a roof mounted Radiant heat barrier works by reducing the amount of radiation incident on insulation. Since the amount of radiation strinking the top of the insulation is less that it would have been without a Radiant heat barrier, the insulation surface temperature is lower and the heat flow through the insulation is reduced.

Zelltech Quality Comparison:

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Zelltech is an aluminium radiant heat barrier product which not only deliver the promises or statements, Zelltech dare to give a real guarantee for each product.

Enjoy Zelltech warranty:

  • Length warranty
  • Warranty for 100 100% new material - not using recycle  material
  • 10 years Warranty for defect products
  • Custom length option
  • Warranty for full length roll without connecting sheet
  • Custom color option
  • Free Supervision (for jakarta and surroundings, surabaya and surroundings)
  • Authentic certficiation
  • Heavy chemical resistance option

For each roll of aluminum foil produced, Zelltech provide security marks in the form of holograms to detect authenticity, and for length checking. Every start-tip of the roll and every end-tip of the roll will have a hologram marks. Zelltech guarantee it’s size will be exactly the same according to customer’s demand.

Zelltech provide product replacement warranty:
1 roll replaced with 2 rolls.
If the first roll you receive does not match the quality that we state, Zelltech will replace the defect product with 2 new rolls.

If you buy Zelltech, you can sit down, relax and enjoy it’s quality.

Step by step installation

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Open Zelltech roll on the roof.
Roll Zelltech to cover the desired area.
Steady the aluminium foil by using heavy duty duct tape.
Screw Zelltech to roof’s frame work.
Seal the gap with heavy duty water resistant duct tape.
Make sure there’s no gap between the roof and zelltech.
Various Application of Zelltech Insulation
Siding Application
Roofing Application

Because a radiant barrier needs an air space on at least one side, installing it directly below felt and shingles will NOT allow the radiant barrier to block any radiant heat. Instead, the heat from the shingles and felt will conduct all the way through the barrier, into the attic, and eventually in the living spaces.

If an asphalt shingle roof is being installed, you should install the radiant barrier to the underside of the roof decking or roof rafters in the attic space below.

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