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Vision : Becoming the largest building material with the highest products & service in Indonesia.

Mision : Giving Guarantee of the best quality products.

Cellcius Indoperkasa runs a major distribution of imported industrial accessories & material handling products in Indonesia. We present a special range of products ranging from radiant heat barrier, heavy duty doors, loading docks, material handling systems, clean air technology and other smart solutions for your company.

We only carry the best brand from trusted and noted suppliers around the world. Our logistics, warehousing and shipping services are handled by profesionals. Cellcius Indoperkasa will bring you efficiencies to your company.

Cellcius Indoperkasa's distribution range in Indonesia is wide with more than 12 cities spreading in all provinces in Indonesia, so don't worry about product and service availability in your area. We also provide tangible support to all our clients. We have a complete team of consultants and installers

Allow us to know you more and suggest the best solutions to maximise effectiveness in the specific type of field of your company. Click here to contact us.